Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Finally finished!

The 1940's knitted lace doily is finally done. We will not think about how many times I started over ... nor will I discuss that there are any number of mistakes. I used Lizbeth Size 20 on Size 4 (US) needles. It measures about 42 inches (~106 cm) across and hasn't yet been blocked. Should block out another 2-4 inches. I'm pleased with the overall look even with all the errors.
We are currently watching the nearly horizontal snow fall outside our snug and warm log home. The picture at the left was taken in November but we have a lot more snow now and more expected. Montana DOT released a map earlier today showing nearly all the Montana highways as dangerous. There are also a number of passes that are closed because of "White Death" ... my term for snow and ice on the road along with blizzard conditions. The Madison River has gorged from an ice dam just "above" Ennis and is currently flowing over US287 just south of the Ennis bridge. I think Mother Nature is making up for the mild December and January we had.

Staying snug and cozy inside our home gives me time to pursue crafts and learning that I didn't have time to do during all my years of working. I am currently working on snowflakes for our tree in December (we plan to stay in Montana this year for Christmas and New Years). I have completed all of the pieces from 24 Snowflakes in Tatting by Lene Bjørn, a collection of Stars and Snowflakes from Randy Houtz, Snowfall 2017 from AlenAleaDesign by Lea Rako and Tatted Snowflakes by Jon Yusoff. 

I am currently working on Lee Buchanan's Permafrost collection (seen on the right from Lee's booklet; can be purchased from her Etsy store). This comprises 6 center motifs with 6 different surrounds for the flake points. I have completed items in the first four columns, the first one in the fifth column and have one last point of the second one of the fifth column. After these, I plan to do the collection of designs from Sharon Briggs (found on her blog Sharon Briggs) for 2018. I also have her Tatted Flurries from 2010 to do that I had purchased. Then I'll comb through my library for others; a quick look shows I have collections in my stash from Karen Bovard, Patricia Rizzo, Vida Sunderman, Jon Yusoff (more!!), Jennifer Williams and others!