Sunday, September 11, 2016

TatDays 2016 - Tatting is Out of This World!

I keep thinking I'll post more often but as you can tell I haven't been doing so. Hubby and I returned a couple of hours ago from Toccoa, GA where Palmetto Tatters Guild (PTG) hosted their 14th annual TatDays. It seems like just yesterday that we were doing the first event at the McKissack Museum on the campus of the University of South Carolina. We've come a long, long way from that point where there were 67 pre-registered to last weekend's event with 149 officially registered.

As usual, I didn't attend any classes but we had so many wonderful teachers, talented aides and fantastic tatters it was just a joy to welcome them to our event as registrar and see them again in the vending room, at meals and during the various breaks, games, etc. One of our favorite teachers was unable to attend due to the death of her husband. Our deepest sympathies go out to Martha and her family and friends.

I honestly do have an excuse. This September is very busy for us as a family. Next weekend, our younger is getting married so the coming week will also be a whirlwind of activity. I'll head back into the office the next week after "vacating" since the 1st. The 24th & 25th, hubby will supervise the loading of "stuff" we are taking to furnish the log home we built last year in Montana. Our older son will drive the truck out (taking his vacation to do so ... he is a sweetheart as is his wife to let him). Then hubby and DS#2 will fly out on the first of October and hubby will supervise the unloading of truck and our SUV. DS#1 and DS#2 will fly back on the 3rd and hubby will remain to unpack some of the boxes and explore fishing accesses along the Madison and Gallatin rivers ... as well as others. I'll be joining him sometime after the end of April when I finish my contract with my company.

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Probably New Beginnings

As we start 2016 ... and yes, January is very nearly gone ... I will probably face major changes in my life. The company where I've worked in Product Safety/Product Stewardship since 1988 has joined the companies 'embracing' Global Business Operations (GBO). For about 40% of my PS colleagues around the world, it means that they are losing their jobs to 'offshore' operations in India.

I must say though that I believe I am really ready to retire when my position is eliminated (which will probably be in April). Ronnie (DH and BFF) retired in April 2014 and we're ready to start enjoying the next stage of our lives together. Ronnie has been tying fly-fishing flies, including nymphs, terrestrials as well as all those other buggies that the trout love. Hopefully, we can get his back issues taken care of so that he can enjoy going to the streams and fishing. He has fly-fished for more than sixty years and does Catch and Release. He loves going up to Wilson Creek in North Carolina but really loves to fish the Madison River in Wyoming (Yellowstone National Park) and Montana (near Ennis).

I've been doing more knitting and more tatting. I'll try to put more pictures out and do more than post once every two years.

I started out the new year by doing a test-tat for Ruth Perry. It is a beautiful cross pattern and here is my rendition of her pattern. This piece has not been blocked officially but used my fingers in order to take the picture. This cross is a lovely pattern and a good project. Thank you, Ruth, for allowing me the privilege. I can't find the link to the pattern at the moment but will try to post it later.