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Sometimes Technology Just Sucks!!

Finally ... finally. My 3-year notebook computer DIED the Monday after we got back from TatDays! Don't know why but the motherboard conked out and that makes the 2nd time in about 15 months!

I wound up purchasing a new one and then my online backup service had to restore my files twice!! Their techs worked with me for several evenings until the wee hours each night. I only had to rebuild two weeks of daily stuff that I do but my critical files are back and whole.

Now, I'll be able to get some serious tatting done ... YEAH!! Maybe I can even get pictures posted. Fall is here and almost wish we were going up the Blue Ridge Parkway; I'm betting that the foliage will be beautiful for the next ten or so days.

Home Again ...

Another Palmetto Tatters Guild TatDays Event in the books ... and on-line! In addition to a wonderful slate of teachers with fun and challenging patterns, we went live Friday night to create a World record consisting of the largest number of tatters, at the same time, tatting the same pattern. The recorded video can be found at World Record 23-Sep-2011. In addition to the 62 who were in the room at Toccoa, GA, there were another 65 from all around the world who joined us via FB or U-stream. It was really fun and there are a lot of pictures posted from others on FB and hopefully their blogs.

There were so many new faces this year ... many that I've corresponded with during the last ten or so years. Of course, we always welcome the faces who come every year and want to thank the entire Guild for the planning and hard work that goes into an event like ours. Our international traveler's this year included Riet from The Netherlands and Maria from Mexico.

Also joining us were Tracy …

Has it really been that long?

It's been a really busy year. Just returned from our monthly Guild meeting in the Columbia, SC area. Lots of cars on the road with flags for the Clemson Tigers (played and beat Auburn) and the USC Gamecocks (played and beat Navy). Lots of folks getting their tailgating needs as well.

Last weekend, we were in Raleigh, NC for DS#1's wedding. DS#2 was the Best Man; he gave a heart-felt speech about the relationship between Lee and LaWanda. LaWanda is a beautiful bride ... I'll have to get some pictures of the edging she wanted me to add to her wedding gown.

Thursday I leave for PTG's 9th Annual Tat Days again this year at Toccoa, GA ... a beautiful venue with great teachers, wonderful food and many tatting friends. DH will be joining me hopefully sometime Friday. He's having to make an emergency meeting in TX because of his j-o-b. That 'thing' always seems to interfere with his vacation plans. He spent half his "vacation" in Montana last June working…