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A Lazy Saturday - Link to Knotless Tatting Technique

Just a lazy day with heat on my neck when I not doing the exercises to correct my posture and relieve some of the pressure on the nerve going down my right arm. DH is home for a week ... the longest since I went to my niece's wedding in July. He's been criss-crossing the southwest, midwest and west coast. I've not be able to keep up with my schedule, much less his. LOL!

I've been doing a lot of catching up with the various on-line newsgroups and forums that I've sorely neglected for a long time. It's been fun to catch up with everyone since my situation with the pinched nerve has adversely affected my own ability sit for more than ten minutes to tat. I've also been putting together some jewelry for Palmetto Tatters to sell at craft shows and fairs after the SC State Fair. That has also been rather slow going as the arm takes a bit of punishment when I manipulate jewelry pliers.

There is always discussion on the use of the Magic Thread to hid ends in our Tat…