Friday, June 29, 2012

Last Night along the US Northern Tier

Tonight is our last night on the Northern US tier of states. We have stopped at Mitchell, SD and will go into Sioux Falls to get the oil changed before turning south on I-29. It was really hard to say goodbye yesterday to the wonderful weather in Thompson Falls yesterday.

Since we left Billings, MT this morning it's been hot, hot, hot and of course VERY WINDY! Then, it's always windy across South Dakota. Lots of folks heading to the vacation spots of Mt. Rushmore and then Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks.

Should be home Sunday afternoon in time for DH to pick up a rental car and then onto work for him at one of the plants, next week he'll be in Mississippi and I'll be home then I'm back to work on the 9th.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

2012 Trip to Western Montana

Our trip this year is nearly done and we'll be starting home later this week. Really enjoyed our time in MT ... just wish DH could have had a vacation as well. He spent all our time traveling (since 6/16/12) answering business calls, emails and working estimates. He actually has not had a real vacation in 7 years.

Enjoyed being will all my tatting camp friends and meeting new ones.

  • Jack and Gwen from Washington
  • Dick and Tess from British Columbia
  • Louis and Irene from Oklahoma
  • Debbie, Gary and Randy from Colorado
  • Brad and Diana from Utah
  • Char, Bobbie, Diane, Teri, Prue and Lydia from Montana
  • Sabrina from Idaho.
DS#2 is house-sitting and called us to let us know that there were issues with the HVAC on the lower floor. A call to our long-time service company indicates that a new compressor will have to installed. Oh, well ... it's only $$. Hope it gets done before we get home as it's sweltering there.

Also enjoyed Father's Day Weekend with DS#1 and his wife. Had dinner one night at the Triumph Grill in St. Louis. The food was great and DH enjoyed the part of the museum they could enter; most of the display closes at 4:00 PM daily. DH is already planning another trip, this time on his KLR; he has to test out the new suspension he'll be installing onto the bike after we get home -- at least between his business travels.