Friday, November 3, 2017

New Tatting Item -- a Continuation of an Old Request

Working to attempt to complete (by Christmas) a request from a former colleague. Doug has an antique smoking table that he inherited from his grandfather. His request was since the table is oblong that a doily be fashioned and NOT be round. I've been playing with this project for a number of years and it has gone through several iterations.

I'm happiest with this one (finished size must be just less than 12" x 15"). I'm well on my way. The pattern is Robin Perfetti's Garden Square from her Etsy shop. Since Doug's favorite color is green, I selected a colorway (Lizabeth 138-Leafy Greens) and a coordinating solid (Lizabeth 684 - Leaf Green Med). Here is a picture of the WIP:
The colorway reminds be of leafy camouflage and since Doug is an outdoors man, it seemed very appropo.

I still find time however for interruptions. I left a meeting Wednesday (Nov 1) and it was snowing and has been snowing off and on ever since. This one was taken yesterday out our dining room looking east. Ordinarily (hint, hint on a clear day) the Madison Range is clearly visible across the valley.
I'm also very guilty of poor planning! My prescriptions were running out and the pharmacy I use with my Medicare supplement is in Butte, MT. Ordinarily, it's not a bad afternoon outing to run over to Butte (across the Continental Divide) and drop into the pharmacy and then maybe time for extra shopping however ... It is November and we had early snows (they helped to quench our AWFUL fire season) in September.

As DH always says, it's an adventure. We planned to take the Highland (4-wheel drive) but hadn't started it since I came back from Bozeman on the 18th of October). The battery was dead. So we did the car dance to move the Prius (front-wheel Hybrid that high centers on a cow chip), back out the 4Runner (2-wheel rear wheel drive) and headed north. Got as far as McAllister, MT (10 miles) and turned around to buy a new battery and install into the Highlander.

I was going to insert a short movie clip but Blogger didn't like the size I guess, so here are pictures taken from the window of the moving vehicle showing the snow-draped Beaverhead-Deerlodge natural forest.

We estimated about 6" of snow on the "ground" and Butte is expecting another 10" tonight. Needless to say, quick stops at the pharmacy and gas station and then back on the road to Ennis.