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Another update on SB1

I've also received orders for the small handouts from the following:

Marty from Salt Lake City, UT
Donna from Garnett, KS

Thanks, ladies.

Also had a new update on Gary on one of my other addies and I don't think he will mind if I share. Considering everything I think it's positively MARVELOUS!!

"Hello All,
I tied my shoes today!!!!!!!!

Getting a little tatting done but not much. Just working on some bookmarks ... one of my favorite patterns. I am using a lot of my vintage Star threads with newer DMC Tatting Cotton. By winding each thread TOGETHER onto my shuttle, I can create some very interesting colorways. I'll try to get a picture later to show what the way a single, colorway of lavender, white and lime can look when combined with a solid color thread of white, lavender, kelly or black. They are very interesting!!

As October is breast cancer awareness month, I'm currently tatting a bookmark in two shades of pink, pastel and hot. Once I get it fi…

Last Day in September

I must say it's been an interesting couple of weeks. I'm mailing a check for $500.00US to the Credit Union in Colorado for Gary Houtz's fund. Thanks to everyone who has participated so far:

Palmetto Tatters Guild participants from TatDays 2008
Heart of England Tatters: Rosemarie Peel
Shuttlebirds (Spokane, WA): Patti Duff
Red Hat Lacers (Chula Vista, CA): Patsy Goodman
Sunflower Lacers (Manhattan, KS): Ronna Robertson
River City Tatting Club (Evansville, IN): Dorcas Newkirk
Marcella Ouzts (Muskogee, OK)

Thank everyone so much who expressed their interest in helping Gary. While it's not much, every little bit helps but mostly, your thoughts, best wishes and prayers go a very long way.

Happy Tatting!!

Tidbits of information

The last week, especially since the 10th, has been very eventful. The orders for Gary's Fundraiser have come it at atonishing rate. I have to print more B-U-T I've have a challenge to overcome. Currently I have orders for 55 sets of which 48 more sets have to be generated.
The challenge has been that I had a major breakdown of our home network last week. When I got home Wednesday, our DSL modem was off-line (a doorknob would have been more useful!) which meant waiting until a new one arrived on Friday. When hooking up the new modem on Friday, I discovered that whatever had gotten the modem ALSO got my network card in the computer itself. So off to the PC doctor, but still no connectivity after an hour with "customer service" from my provider.
DH was driving in from Lufkin, TX because good(?) ole Ike had closed the Houston airports. He arrived about 1:40 AM Saturday after being on the road for 14.5 hours. Up early on Saturday and then back to the PC Doctor, tower and DS…

2008 PTG Tat Days & Update on Gary's Fundraiser

Finally getting my 2nd wind ... why does it seem to take longer every year? I still have the same dilemma each event though, haven't figured how to clone myself so that I can take in all the classes, work the vending room and see EVERYONE!! Hanna didn't come to see us (thank GOODNESS) although several of our usual participants were unable to come (missed Katie and Lorena!) because of her presence along the eastern Carolina shoreline but we still had a good time.

Sales of the Knotless Tatting Fundraiser in the vending room were $133 and with my matching funds, that's already $266. So many of the gentle tatters from around the world have responded so that I need to make up more of the little kits and it looks like I'll be sending at least an additional $150, more than $500 - WOW!! Thank you everyone.

I just sent notes to everyone who had contacted me at about shipping. If you are interested and didn't receive a note directly from me, please use …

Gary's Fund Raiser - How to Order

I promised I'd work out the details. After Palmetto Tatter's Tat Days, I'll be ready to print these on an as requested basis (for those of you who haven't already contacted me). While I would prefer a check or money order, I will take PayPal if you are willing to add the minimal cost of the PayPal service to the funds. For a personal check, email me as tattingteresa at gmail dot com, and I'll send you my mailing address.

For example, if you wish to purchase 5 packages at the suggested minimum of $3.00US each, the amount to send via PayPal is $15.74US. PLEASE NOTE THAT THESE QUOTES DO NOT INCLUDE POSTAGE, I'll need to quote you at the time of your order. The PayPal fee is 2.9% of the price + $.30. I can then make up any shortfall to ensure that the full $15.00 will be forwarded to the credit union for Gary's account.

Wide Wonderful World of Tatters

Although not surprised, I am truly and honestly overwhelmed with the responses that I have received about the little fund raiser I had planned. I'll be getting back to the individuals who've requested this information. Some of you I've already answered and will answer everyone else. Just give me a little time.

Today, our area of North Carolina is receiving the remnants of Fay. She has really wandered all over the landscape but we do so need the rain. In fact, some of the rain today has been a real gully washer!!

I do have another treat instore for those of you who are ordering multiple sets of the fundraisers so once we have all the small details worked out and you have received your packages, look for another little thank you from me personally ... it is a surprise ... SHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.

Fund Raiser for G.Houtz

During the upcoming Palmetto Tatter's Tat Days 2008, a fund raiser is planned.

A special fund rasier will be conducted in the Vending Room during Tat Days 2008. To benefit Gary Houtz, the 'older' Shuttle Brother who was severely injured in a car accident in May, a technique package for "Knotless Tatting" will be offered.

This package consists of three pages of instructions and a package containing two different types of filament loops (two each) bound in a plastic binder that will allow additional techniques to be added. The instructions represent two class handouts from Gary and Randy that were edited by Teresa Woods with pictures from Gina Butler. Diagrams are from Randy Houtz and Ron Butler.

All materials have been donated by RT Woods Consulting with a suggested donation of $3.00 minimum per binder. In addition to the donation of materials, RT Woods Consulting will match up to $150.00 all sales of the binders for the fund that has been set up for Gary with the So…

PTG TatDays 2008

TODAY is the last day to register on line. Click on then on "Who's Coming" in the left navigation panel to see everyone who is registered. I had the same dilemma as always ... how can I attend all the class sessions with all the teachers. I don't have the answer yet although with the pattern CD it does help but I miss the instruction of the teacher and the interaction of the class participants. So most often I am found in the vending room.

Our key vendor this year is The Lacemaker from Cortland, OH. Tracy has told me that they will have lots of goodies and better yet some SALE merchandise. See Tracy's website at for more details of the items they carry and will probably be bringing a LOT of the merchandise with them.

We have a number of our teachers and guild members who will also be selling items in the vending room and consignors. Check back here and at the Guild'…

Promised Picture

Here is the promised picture of Gary's shirt. Randy was taking this back to him. There are a lot of items here that we did at CWT. There are angels on both shoulders (which don't show up very well).
There are a number of hearts where we were playing with Mark Myers Dizzy Double Stitches. There are snails and mystery motifs. The button also holds some of Patti Duff's beaded bookmarks. Any number of SCMR style butterflies had flown in and attached themselves to the shirt. Jack Coen had even carved a Lady Hoare style shuttle and there's thread wound on it and a motif started for Gary to finish.
The green "mass" on the right shoulder (upper left on the picture) was our representation of Gary's bag ... and even sometimes what he does to some of our bags -if we leave them in sight and unprotected. LOL
You can also see a number of Randy's Bumble Bees. The cute little critters using two shuttles tatted in the alternate thread method and the wings are double sti…

Greetings from Montana

It's really hard to believe that this is my last half day at Bobbie Demmer's. We have had so much fun since I arrived last Thursday. Yesterday afternoon was the traditional trek to Little Bear's in Thompson Falls for ice cream. I had the Pecan Pie which is hand pressed ice cream (mmmmm!) with chocolate, pecans and Butterfinger candy mixed together. It is nearly decadent.

The weather has been delightful as well. In fact as I write, I'm sitting in the classroom with a long-sleeve denim shirt over my blouse but it nice. We've already had so much hot weather at home. I'll be swinging over to Mead, WA later today to see a girlhood friend I haven't seen in about 40 years so I'm really excited to see her and meet her family tomorrow.

I fly home on Wednesday and it is an all day affair. While I've enjoyed the trip, I'll still be ready to get home to give DH a break from puppy sitting. Pictures from the trip will follow and a picture of the shirt we all de…

Meet Esmeralda - TIAS Day 11

Well, she's finally decided to have her hair all curled and if the picture were clearer, you could see pearls entwined at the scalp line in eight places to match the pearls at her throat. She's ready for a night on the town ... or wherever else she might want to go.The curls are made by using slightly fussy method that I first saw in one of Elgiva Nicholls' book in my personal library. I then was reintroduced to it a couple of years while in class with the Shuttle Brothers. They use this method to create "ruffled" picots which adds more of a three dimensional effect. The method is accomplished by a combination of set stitches and 2 sized picots. If you want to play with this method, try a ruffled wing butterfly. d=1st half of a double stitch and s=2nd half of a double stitch; p is a medium-sized picot and lp is a large-sized picot; + is a join.Upper right wing:
12ds (lp dd p ss)x4 lp 3ds sp 6ds [Note: there will be 5 longer picots which will layer to the "bot…

TIAS - Day 10

Here is Day 10. I did make one change. The beads that are effectively the eyes I did make a change. I found some slightly larger rocaille-type beads while the beads in the skirt are size 11 irridescent seed beads. If I didn't have to work tomorrow, I'd just stay up until the Day 11 instructions were posted. I do have a design variation on her left arm ... I think she's had her spinach because the last split ring before the hand has too many stitches. I didn't catch it until I was hiding the ends using the magic thread and just decided I'd have her related to Popeye.

TIAS - Day 9

Here is Day 9. I used size 8 pearlescent beads for this portion and what I loaded onto the shuttle. Not exactly sure how the color will work - I may wish I had found another color but we'll just have to wait on Jane's next installment!!

TIAS - Day 8

Here's my finish on Day 8 ... looking pretty good. Still have no idea what we are tatting. It will be hard to wait to see how Jane will introduce the third color!! I have a feeling it will be very creative and once we see the final instructions, we're all going to say DUH!

Catching Up!!

When things were a bit quiet last weekend, I did the TIAS that Diane Saunders had posted quite a while ago. I know that I'll never see a tulip with all these colors but I'm please with the way it turned out. The flower is 2 strands, both size 80. One is a pink and the other is one of my favorite pastel variegated threads ... there is pink, lavendar, yellow, green and baby blue. It's a totally different look but I use a lot of "dual" threads to tat bookmarks. It's especially useful to use two-as-one if one of the threads is from my vintage thread and could be slightly weakened from dry rot. Of course, there are some of my vintage threads, really dark and intense colors, that I've just had to toss.The stem is Olympus 50 but I do a little extra for the split rings. Because I really wanted a "sturdy" look and feel, the split rings are variations from Diane's original although the stitch count is the same. Here is the scheme:R 1 sp 7 + (base of t…

TIAS - Day 7

Well, finally finished through Day 7 although I actually had to completely re-tat the whole thing ... again. Had a bad day at the office, just filled to the brim with frustrations and had my normal efficiency drop to about 25%. At least DH got dinner tonight but it was reminiscent of how bad the entire last 24 hours has been. My salmon was nearly burnt ... just remind me not to get the grilled salmon from Applebee's anymore. While waiting for hubby to return with our food, I thought I would get out my shuttles and finish Day 7. That's what I get for doing my own thinking. While closing the last ring, I broke the thread and rather than just adding in a last ring, I cut away from the button, recycled the beads and did it again. The best part of this was I took the time to work on Jane's JR method. I'm getting excess twist in the process but I understand the method ... just need to practice.

TIAS - Day 6

I really did complete the Day 6 work on Friday evening after getting from the office. I've just this moment however gotten a chance to take a digital picture and post. I posted to my blog even before sending to Jane ... bad, Teresa. Well, it's in the post to Jane now.

TIAS - Day 5

Well, I finished this last evening just after returning home from the office. I really do enjoy Jane's mindset I'm just having trouble wrapping myself around her instructions for the modified Josephine Ring. I'll want to try it sometime when I'm not so tired and can follow the methodology.

I don't have a clue as to what we are all creating but I am enjoying the process. Oh, Jane ... how many clues can we anticipate?

TIAS - Day 4

Here is Clue 4 and can you see a difference from previous installments? I changed my mind and decided that I wanted the colors reversed so I started over again this morning. I really like this version better ... at least at this stage of the game. Being female however, I do reserve the right to change my mind.

Hector Bracelet Plus

Well, even charging the batteries on my camera didn't help much. Since it is only a 3.2 megapixels, I think that the problem. At any rate, I finally finished the bracelet I started the 3rd of May. Yorkie Sue was still in the U.S. and we had so much fun.

It's difficult to see but the charms (starting at 1 o'clock and proceeding clockwise) are:
Ruth Perry's Little Heart Sue Hanson's AnkhSue Hanson's Lucky HorseshoeLori Dunlap's Hat (tat off pattern from Palmetto Tatters Tat Days in 2005 Fan-TAT-istic)Sue Hanson's Blue Moon (mine is terrible; doesn't do Sue's pattern justcie)Sue Hanson's Button Sunmy block tatted fan - no pattern; just an experimentSue Hanson's Lucky 4 Leaf CloverSue Hanson's Mini Starone of my beaded butterfliesSue Hanson's Celtic Triangle (I LOVE this pattern)

TIAS - Day 3

Here is Day 3 of Jane's latest Tat It And See. I have no clue and Jane just doesn't release the clues fast enough. Of course, I say that about and "craft"-a-long.

I just wish I had my son's camera. While mine does an okay job, his does so much better. He also has a wonderful eye and does take some wonderful pictures.

TIAS - Day 2 and other ramblings

I've already sent this onto Jane and she has posted to the TIAS blog but I thought I'd go ahead and post the picture here as well. I've been haunting the TIAS blog this evening hoping that the time would hurry so that I could do another of the exercises before heading to bed for sleep. Of course, it would be very early for Jane (~2 AM) as I write so I don't think she's about yet.

So I'll spend some time on my "infamous" soccer tablecloth. This is a project that I started a number of years ago ... probably as far back as 2001. The picture of the lace was taken in 2005 when my mother was visiting from Texas. The size at the time made it an overwidth tablerunner. I've since added another 9 rows of medallions along the length and need to add another nine rows to the length.

The name of this piece salutes the hours that I've spent with my boys at practices, games, and tournaments through the years. I could tat a stack of the individual medallions. …

Newest TIAS

It certainly took me longer than usual to select my threads and the accompanying beads. the first day's tatting (hope it's not too far off the mark). I've also included The royal blue is Hakelgarn and the complimentary color (orange) is a Flora as is the "natural" I chose, a medium to light value gray. The beads are some hanks that I had gotten YEARS ago on a trip to the Cary-Raleigh, NC area when my boys were playing a tournament, probably a State Cup in that area. The beads simply scrumptious although I don't know the original brandname. They pick up and reflect so much of the light and reflect the thread colors but the beads do not appear to be irridescent.

The orange plain Clover is currently loaded with the six beads and the royal blue Hakelgarn. The orange Flora is loaded onto a beautifully decorated Clover shuttle. Hope Bates from Palmetto Tatters had a number of these at our Tat Days last September and I believe she is planning more for this coming Sep…

PTG Lesson - Betty Magill's Heart of Gold Earrings

While I'm still working on Sue's charm bracelet (with fat wrists, I needed to make some more charms), I did finish a pair of earrings from our lesson the 17th at our Guild meeting. The prime purpose of the lesson was to share Sue Hanson's dimpled ring method. This method uses true dimples but the manner of working and closing them makes it very easy. Jane Eborall has posted the technique at The primary difference appears to pay omage to Gary and Randy Houtz (The Shuttle Brothers) use of self-closing mock rings.

The pattern is a variation of Kim Millar's Basic Earring pattern that she posted to the web in 2000 (URL: I love this pattern and the variations are practically unlimited ... of course, imaginative people use it unlimted, I need help. The change that Ms. Betty asked us to incorporate was on the center ring (where the jewelry findings are attached).…

Vist with Yorkie Sue!

Just got home from a wonderful day with Sue Hanson. She is such a trip with her purple hair and cape! Really enjoyed her lesson ... she has a wonderful way to manipulate a dimple ring. Her method really makes it so easy to close a dimpled ring. I hope she'll share it on either her blog or the HBT list on Yahoo.

There were nine of us and we laughed, shared goodies, tatted a bit, laughed some more, had soup together. When I had left, Karen L. had taken Sue, Erin, and Anitra on a shopping expedition to AC Moore's in Lexington. The store was having a sale.

When I get my charm bracelet completed (Sue's pattern), I'll post a picture. In the meantime, Happy Tatting to all.

PTG lessons

I'm really trying to complete some small projects this year, especially the lessons our members at Palmetto Tatters are willing to share. The above picture is a bracelet pattern designed by Deb Strickland, one of our newer members. She's had some health problems which have prevented her from tatting. Deb gave everyone kits with thread, rice beads, jump rings and a size 5 tatting needle. Sharren Morgan from Greenwood, SC (one of the super teachers scheduled for Tat Days 2008 in September) helped demonstrate and most of us learned to needle-tat. I hadn't pick up a needle in a long, long time and had to have Sharren give me a personal tutorial. When I first did the pattern, fifteen split rings to add the beads just wasn't long enough to go around my fat wrists, so I dug into my bead stash and decided to "stack" 3 size 8 beads. The center bead in each group of three doesn't show very well in the scan above, but it is a smoky, translucent bead that really sets a…

Mystery Medallion #1

After doing this one three times, I finally have one that I am happy to post. Of course, the other two versions weren't bad either ... they just fell into puppy antics or rather the curiousity of our new puppy, BJ, who chewed the knots in several places.

I did make one major change in doing the first portion of the medallion. The initial instructions had the first ring being made of 12 double stitches, a LONG picot, 12 double stitches, then the remaining 7 rings being made as 12 ds, + (into the long picot of the first ring), 12 ds. I opted to have the rings being 10 - 4 - 10 for the first ring, 6 rings of 10 + 4 - 10 and last ring of 10 + 4 + 10. I really like this look. The medallion still needs to be blocked but I'm happy with the overall effect and plan to make a larger mat using these medallions and some GORGEOUS vintage, ecru DMC cordonnet, size 30.

Tat It and See - Solid colored version

Here is the second version of the Hippo. His name is "Happy" and he is the perfect companion for "Flora." Because of the background, he appears to be a cream color but the thread is camel-colored Cebelia 30.

Tat It and See

Here is my first rendition of Jane E's wonderful hippo pattern! I've named her FLORA since she's dressed in her best to find the best waterhole! I hope to do a friend for her, dressed all in a brown suit tomorrow.

I loved doing this and hope Jane ... possibly others as well ... will do more. ?????-a-Longs are always a lot of fun regardless of the craft involved. Thank you, Jane. See the link to the Tat It and See under "Some of My Favorite Links."

A New Heart Design

Please note the changes/corrections to the end of Rows 2 and 3. THANKS, Katie Verna for catching my goofs in writing the pattern. That's what I get for throwing it together during lunch and not taking the time to re-tat from the instructions after I'd slept a night or two.

I haven't been inspired to do a new heart design since 2001. While waiting on my car to be serviced last Saturday, I sat down and sketched out a heart. Not sure why the center inspiration was block tatting but here is a scan of the 3rd heart I tatted. The one I actually tatted during our Guild meeting in Lexington met its demise with our new pup and his need to chew ... just as well as it really, really needed some help. Maybe I'll try that one later.

This one is simple enough. Using whatever style of block tatting you prefer (I used Jane E's braid method) and two shuttles CTM:
Row 1 Ch 4 sp 4 (odd rows have flipped stitches while even rows are unflipped).
Row 2 Ch 1 sp 4 + (core thread to picot on R…

New Year

I hope to post more often on my blog. We've really enjoyed our new puppy and he has really grown. He is very personable and loves to play and sleeps well most of the night. He uses DH & DS#2 as big chew toys but that is partly their fault. This picture was taken by DS#2 on his UNC blanket. BJ (the pup's name) is really kinda a ham. He will stop and 'pose' for his closeup when we call his name.

I'm walking around in an ortho boot because of a Jones fracture on the left outside metataursal. I slightly rolled my foot in mid-December but didn't see the doctor until last Monday. Have completed more than 1/2 of the last round in the Mystery Medallion that Gina Brummett posted but haven't yet started on Jane's tat-along.
I also need to send a note to Sharon Briggs to get into the 25 Medallion challenge. I do have several that could be counted that I've completed within the last month ... just don't remember what Sharon's exact guidelines are so …