2008 PTG Tat Days & Update on Gary's Fundraiser

Finally getting my 2nd wind ... why does it seem to take longer every year? I still have the same dilemma each event though, haven't figured how to clone myself so that I can take in all the classes, work the vending room and see EVERYONE!! Hanna didn't come to see us (thank GOODNESS) although several of our usual participants were unable to come (missed Katie and Lorena!) because of her presence along the eastern Carolina shoreline but we still had a good time.

Sales of the Knotless Tatting Fundraiser in the vending room were $133 and with my matching funds, that's already $266. So many of the gentle tatters from around the world have responded so that I need to make up more of the little kits and it looks like I'll be sending at least an additional $150, more than $500 - WOW!! Thank you everyone.

I just sent notes to everyone who had contacted me at tattingteresa@gmail.com about shipping. If you are interested and didn't receive a note directly from me, please use the gmail addy to get me your contact information.

I am really humbled at all of the generosity that all of you have exhibited. It is a real testament to the esteem that the tatting world holds for Gary.


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