Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Greetings from Western Montana

Arrived at my westward most destination about 4:30 PM MDT. Really enjoyed the drive ... well except for all the road construction. Road construction however has to be done during the summer months in the more northern states because concrete and other paving materials just are not maleable during other times of the year.

Our lacing conference this weekend is a full house but it will be lots of fun. There will be tatters from Washington, Oklahoma, British Columbia, Idaho, Montana, Colorado and North Carolina. It's always great fun and inspirational. New techniques, technique improvements, new designs are just the start!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Montana ... well, nearly!

I'm really bushed ... left Omaha, NE about 7:30 AM CDT and arrived at Sheridan, WY at 7:00 PM MDT. The day started out in Omaha rush hour drive and of course, I didn't listen to Gypsy (my GPS co-pilot) and made one wrong turn. Didn't take us long though to get back onto the correct road. I did go through a very bad thunderstorm as I approached Sioux Falls, IA on US Interstate 29 North. No hail but heavy rain, lightening and lots of wind!

It was a really lovely drive though after going through the thunderstorm. I was under cloud cover until about half-way across South Dakota on US Interstate 90. I drove out from underneath the clouds and the sky was magnificent. There must have been a couple of years (DH & I haven't made the drive since 2006) of good winter/spring moisture because the fields, pastures and foot hills in South Dakota were absolutely GORGEOUS ... I don't remember ever seeing them as green and lush as they are now. I can really tell that I'm in cottonwood country too as the cotton is flying all through the air ... I've also got some hay fever.

One more day and I'll be at my destination until Sunday or Monday and then it's back in the car and the journey to North Carolina as I have to be back at work on the 6th. More later!!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Westward HO

My vacation has started and I've begun my annual trek to Montana. This year I'm driving and look forward to a number of days in the car, listening to several new books on CD. Tonight, I'm in southern Illinois and will travel to the Omaha area to spend tomorrow night with a relative. I also look forward to seeing all the Western US tatting friends who will gather for a great weekend of tatting later this week.