Sunday, July 19, 2009

2009 Tat Days Preparation

Doesn't seem possible but we're only about 2 months from PTG's 2009 Event "I've Been Bitten by the Tatting Bug." Vickie Clarke from Canada submitted the winning logo and the pattern is sure to be on the PTG 2009 Pattern CD which is available after Tat Days ... unless you'll coming to White Oak Conference Center for the event. It's sure to be lots of fun. Additional information is available on the Guild's official website

A little birdie has told me that there is a Tatter's Treasure Chest to be auctioned by Pirate Captain AKTatter. She's even 'threatening' to bring along her cutlass to coax bids from the captive tatters. Promises to be lots of fun ... ARRRRGH!!! Proceeds from the auction and other silent auction donations go towards the scholarship fund that Palmetto Tatters Guild has to aid tatters to attend the TatDays Events.

Bill and Tracy from The Lacemaker will be trekking down to South Carolina again. I really think it surprised them last year at the amount of thread was purchased. Other items of interest will be available in the vending room from other tatters. Marilee (The Yarnplayer) is sending a box of HDT and hopefully copies of her book. She did send a copy of her book for the Guild's Library and looks to be one that many of us would like to add to our personal libraries.

More later ... if you're thinking of attending, remember that on-line registration is only open until August 5th. We have eight lovely ladies who will be teaching lessons this year and I have my normal dilemma ... how do I clone myself to be in all the classes and yet see all my friends from past years, meet new friends and oversee the Vending Room. DH will also help out there and there's not much telling what Tracy will be bringing that will intrigue this year. Last year I picked up a couple of Lucet's and Tracy gave me a quick lesson in Kumihimo. Both are intriguing, especially the Kumihino.

In the meantime, I'm also working on some items for a craft sale the Guild will be participating in at Greenwood, SC two weeks after our TatDays Event. Bookmarks, crosses, angels and perhaps some earrings are items I'm planning to donate.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

On the way home

It was really good to see Gary Houtz this year and to finally meet his lovely wife, Vera. We all had missed Gary last year but are certainly glad he felt well enough to make the trip. Irene and her husband had all kinds of issues with their "new" motorhome ... but the dealership will really take care of the issues when they return to OKC. I know I certainly wouldn't want Irene on my case as she is TENACIOUS!! Good to see Deb from CoSprings again and to meet several new folks and tat again along beside old friends.

I was finally (about time, too) to make a decent looking tatted bauble. I can hardly wait to get down with a couple of other small projects and then 'tackle' the bag pattern from Bobbie. The pattern is a re-creation of a bag Bobbie had found thrown away, probably because the silk lining had been riped. The original bag had crocheted baubles but the one I want to make will, of course, use tatted baubles.

I left Bobbie's on Monday morning and stopped at Casper, WY. I had once visited an aunt and uncle, along with their children, many years ago ... probably somewhere between 45 and 50 years. I don't remember much of the town but I remember how long it took us to drive from our home in the Texas panhandle.

I drive into my sister's in Amarillo last night arriving about 8:30 PM CDT. I hadn't told them I was coming. She and her husband are hosting a mortgage-burning party on the 4th (this Saturday). I won't get to stay as I still have two days driving before I get home and I have to be at work on the 6th. I'll also get to surprise my mother when she arrives at the Amarillo airport on the 3rd. She has no idea I'm here either. Since I missed her 80th birthday dinner in April, I thought this might be a good surprise as well.

Since I'll be here several days, I do have a couple of friends to try to see and also to see my aunt and uncle while I'm here. I haven't seen their new place so I hope I can catch up with them but I know my aunt is busy and my uncle has had some health issues this year.