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Promised Picture

Here is the promised picture of Gary's shirt. Randy was taking this back to him. There are a lot of items here that we did at CWT. There are angels on both shoulders (which don't show up very well).
There are a number of hearts where we were playing with Mark Myers Dizzy Double Stitches. There are snails and mystery motifs. The button also holds some of Patti Duff's beaded bookmarks. Any number of SCMR style butterflies had flown in and attached themselves to the shirt. Jack Coen had even carved a Lady Hoare style shuttle and there's thread wound on it and a motif started for Gary to finish.
The green "mass" on the right shoulder (upper left on the picture) was our representation of Gary's bag ... and even sometimes what he does to some of our bags -if we leave them in sight and unprotected. LOL
You can also see a number of Randy's Bumble Bees. The cute little critters using two shuttles tatted in the alternate thread method and the wings are double sti…