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The PTG Scholarship Quits for 2014

Oh, my goodness! Have you seen them? They are FANTASTIC!! Thanks to all the tatters who so generously donated their tatting. Georgia and Erin have done another great job (no surprise there) of co-ordinating the effort. The quilting itself is wonderfully done by Pinky!

On behalf of the PTG officers and especially our TatDay Chairman, DonnaT, won't you: PLEASE help us spread the word for folks to take a look at our Tat Days Scholarship quilts! They are GORGEOUS! THANKS to all in the tatting community that made these possible! Facebook it! Tweet it! Blog about it! I have been lucky enough (and greedy enough) to get some of the quilts (the smaller ones) from previous years. I absolutely love each one but the ones this year take the pieces to a whole other dimension. I need to save some more bucks so I can make my donation and possibly go home with quilt; I can always use another one! The important aspect of these items though is the number of …