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Tat It and See

Here is my first rendition of Jane E's wonderful hippo pattern! I've named her FLORA since she's dressed in her best to find the best waterhole! I hope to do a friend for her, dressed all in a brown suit tomorrow.

I loved doing this and hope Jane ... possibly others as well ... will do more. ?????-a-Longs are always a lot of fun regardless of the craft involved. Thank you, Jane. See the link to the Tat It and See under "Some of My Favorite Links."

A New Heart Design

Please note the changes/corrections to the end of Rows 2 and 3. THANKS, Katie Verna for catching my goofs in writing the pattern. That's what I get for throwing it together during lunch and not taking the time to re-tat from the instructions after I'd slept a night or two.

I haven't been inspired to do a new heart design since 2001. While waiting on my car to be serviced last Saturday, I sat down and sketched out a heart. Not sure why the center inspiration was block tatting but here is a scan of the 3rd heart I tatted. The one I actually tatted during our Guild meeting in Lexington met its demise with our new pup and his need to chew ... just as well as it really, really needed some help. Maybe I'll try that one later.

This one is simple enough. Using whatever style of block tatting you prefer (I used Jane E's braid method) and two shuttles CTM:
Row 1 Ch 4 sp 4 (odd rows have flipped stitches while even rows are unflipped).
Row 2 Ch 1 sp 4 + (core thread to picot on R…

New Year

I hope to post more often on my blog. We've really enjoyed our new puppy and he has really grown. He is very personable and loves to play and sleeps well most of the night. He uses DH & DS#2 as big chew toys but that is partly their fault. This picture was taken by DS#2 on his UNC blanket. BJ (the pup's name) is really kinda a ham. He will stop and 'pose' for his closeup when we call his name.

I'm walking around in an ortho boot because of a Jones fracture on the left outside metataursal. I slightly rolled my foot in mid-December but didn't see the doctor until last Monday. Have completed more than 1/2 of the last round in the Mystery Medallion that Gina Brummett posted but haven't yet started on Jane's tat-along.
I also need to send a note to Sharon Briggs to get into the 25 Medallion challenge. I do have several that could be counted that I've completed within the last month ... just don't remember what Sharon's exact guidelines are so …