Fund Raiser for G.Houtz

During the upcoming Palmetto Tatter's Tat Days 2008, a fund raiser is planned.

A special fund rasier will be conducted in the Vending Room during Tat Days 2008. To benefit Gary Houtz, the 'older' Shuttle Brother who was severely injured in a car accident in May, a technique package for "Knotless Tatting" will be offered.

This package consists of three pages of instructions and a package containing two different types of filament loops (two each) bound in a plastic binder that will allow additional techniques to be added. The instructions represent two class handouts from Gary and Randy that were edited by Teresa Woods with pictures from Gina Butler. Diagrams are from Randy Houtz and Ron Butler.

All materials have been donated by RT Woods Consulting with a suggested donation of $3.00 minimum per binder. In addition to the donation of materials, RT Woods Consulting will match up to $150.00 all sales of the binders for the fund that has been set up for Gary with the Southwest Colorado Federal Credit Union.

The instructions represent a way to use filament and thread loops to start elements in tatting that lend themselves to SECURELY finishing a round of tatting so that knots don't have to be tied and then the ends need to be hidden in various ways. This technique takes a "magic thread" and goes a couple of steps further. Although fussy at first, the end result is well worth the learning curve ... at least that's my personal opinion.


Marty said…
Oh, wow! Will they, perchance, be offered via 'net for those of us who cannot be at Palmetto Tatter's Tat Days 2008?
TeresaW said…
Sure, just let me know how many and where to send via an email to I know that Gary is very grateful as is his whole family for all the support, thoughts, cards, etc. he has received from the world-wide tatting community.
connieangeline said…
Can I reserve a copy? I will be at tat days but not until later on Friday..I anticipate a huge response on this one and don't want to miss out. I note that the suggested donation is $3.oo, I presume that means we can donate more?
Connie Angeline
Martha said…
This sounds great. I'd be glad to buy a binder for Gary. Will you have extra filament loops for sale as well? I'm so bad at losing them...
Babette said…
Can you let those of us who cannot get to the Tatting Days know how to buy a copy via the net? I would be happy to support Gary. At present I'm just about to finish the scalloped doiley from the Brothers' pattern book.
Babette - Western Australia
I would love to participate, but I cannot attend Tatting Days. Is there any chance I can order one?
Bonnie said…
I also will not be able to attend Tatting Days, is there a way to order one online?

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