PTG TatDays 2008

TODAY is the last day to register on line. Click on then on "Who's Coming" in the left navigation panel to see everyone who is registered. I had the same dilemma as always ... how can I attend all the class sessions with all the teachers. I don't have the answer yet although with the pattern CD it does help but I miss the instruction of the teacher and the interaction of the class participants. So most often I am found in the vending room.

Our key vendor this year is The Lacemaker from Cortland, OH. Tracy has told me that they will have lots of goodies and better yet some SALE merchandise. See Tracy's website at for more details of the items they carry and will probably be bringing a LOT of the merchandise with them.

We have a number of our teachers and guild members who will also be selling items in the vending room and consignors. Check back here and at the Guild's website for more exciting information about the vending room as will have more ad's for our consignor.

Sheron Goldin has book available that is a good discussion of double bobbin shuttles (DBS). She compares the various types known to be currently available, including pricing. Her book also has patterns, adaptations of patterns and a good primer about using DBSs.

As I've been printing them for her to sell (I do have a small print business that I run on the side), I've also been very impressed with her discussion on color which leads essentially to a design methodology. Although Sheron's own mind is the source of the book, it does represent a collaborative effort in that Jane Eborall has lent her diagramming skills, Georgia Seitz her editing skills. Marie Smith did a lot of the testing and allowed Sheron to incorporate her split chain.


Liyarra said…
Teresa. Can you please tell me where I can get hold of a copy of Sheron's book? I am in Australia - can I still get a copy sent over?
Thanks, Jenni

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