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Interruptions Galore!

I do get side-tracked (LOTS). We have an absolutely wonderful view out our dining/kitchen area of the Madison range. Such as the one below which was taken on the 3rd of October and shows the full moon rising over fan mountain (the tallest peak).

We also get unexpected visitors for dinner.

A simple (and original) Heart pattern

The instructions below are for a little heart that I tatted "on the fly" back in 2008. The original posting can be found at Original Ombre Heart posting along with the corrections that needed to be done per Katie Verna.

 I was waiting at the dealership for a service to be completed on my Prius (oil change & tire rotation). Then I got enough requests that the challenge of documenting the process with stitch counts began. Since I changed my profile picture on FB, several commented so I thought I would share the pattern. Sorry I haven't diagrammed it as yet.
Ombre Block Tatted Heart Teresa Woods©, 2008
This one is simple enough, but I’ve got some hints. Use paperclips or safety pins as helpers where the green arrows are indicated. The blue arrows would use the helpers on the picots while the green arrow in on the core thread. The red arrow is where the center of the heart begins, use a helper here to have something to hold.
Abbreviations: —         Picot (decorative along out…