Saturday, March 9, 2019

Ruth's Inspiration

I have always enjoyed tatting patterns by Ruth Perry (aka Rozella Linden) whether they are the easy ones with emphasis on negative space or her artful and fun Celtic Knots. Here is a picture of a snowflake that I did by changing up some of the counts from her "Open Hearts Doily 2018" pattern (file found here: She sent me a picture of the snowflake that she had actually designed but I haven't tried it yet; Ruth said that she hadn't plans to do anything with it on her site.

The picture looks a bit strange because 1) the piece has yet to be blocked and 2) the piece was draped across the arm of my recliner. I used BDS (aka double-
doubles) in some of the elements. The piece does hold its shape pretty well without blocking and stiffening. I think it will be a nice addition to our Christmas tree in December.

It was V-E-R-Y cold last weekend and we have had 4-5' drifts around the house. In fact, last Sunday (3-Mar-2019), Ennis set a record for the lowest temperature for several years ... -27⁰F (or ~-33⁰C). Our log home was a toasty 63⁰F (or ~17⁰C). We did turn the propane stove on to help knock off the chill in our great room as the vaulted ceiling makes it seem cooler than it really is. We do though get some fantastic sunrise pictures toward Fan Mountain (this one does have cloud cover obscuring the "fan" portion of the mountain but it is really nice shot).