Monday, February 26, 2007

Cabone ornaments

Here are a couple of cabone ring ornaments I finished just last night. Done in Olympus 50 thread ... gosh, but that's a nice thread (just wish the balls were larger). One is taken from Sadie Allison's Tatting Over a Cabone Ring: A Different Look for an Old Art. Because Olympus is a smaller thread that the Manuela Sadie used in her samples, there are seven groups of long picot joined rings as opposed to six in Sadie's book. The picture isn't very clear so I'll try to get a better picture through scanning the piece.

The other ornament was inspired by a lesson we had at Palmetto Tatter's Guild a couple of weeks ago. Marie S. shared her method of doing split chains (over a cabone ring for practice) and Theresa O. asked about thrown-off rings. So Theresa and I sat there after Marie had demonstrated and just talked and this ornament is the result.