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Tatting Adventures and more

I love having time to do my crafting but I also have time for exploration both with DH and alone. Last week, after a lunch meeting with my oily friends, I went driving around Ennis Lake (which is still partially frozen over). One of my favorite spots is on the southeast side of the lake looking towards the Tobacco Root Mountains. There is a an old fireplace where a cabin once stood and it looked a bit strange. When I took a second look, I realized it was a Bald Eagle. I grabbed my cell phone and snapped a picture. Unfortunately the picture doesn't do the magnificent creature justice.

I also go exploring with DH and one day, we decided to drive over to West Yellowstone as our roads in Ennis were clear and US287 to the South was clear. HOWEVER ... when we made the turn towards the east near Raynalds Pass, the conditions changed somewhat abruptly with snow and ice on the highway. Both Quake Lake and Hebgen Lakes are frozen over completely. Snowmobilers were out on Hebgen and folks we…