Friday, November 16, 2007

Our newest fuzzy kid

Meet our new puppy ... Ronnie (DH) and Chris (DS#2) go to meet the breeder in the Biloxi, MS area tomorrow to pick him up.

We had a choice of two little males (their sister had already been spoken for). The larger one the breeder's grandchildren had named "Bear" as he was the biggest of the litter and a bit on the 'pudgey' side. He is also carrying the long-haired trait. So we decided on the other one since he's a short-hair. We sometimes get AWFUL infestions of ticks and they are easier to spot on a short-haired animal.

For now we are calling him "BJ" calling up memories of the old TV series "BJ & the Bear." Information from the breeder in Louisiana says "Now, Bear's brother (we have not named him) ... he is also very playful he likes to give lots of kisses and loves to be held if it was left to him he would glue himself to you. He also has a great personally. He nor Bear is shy."

I'm so grateful to Cheryl for letting me blubber over the phone. She has some really cute doxie pups and seems such a sweet lady.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

A Sad Day

All I've done today, it seems, is blubber. Our 12 YO daschund, Bouncin' Brownie, succumbed to congestive heart failure. I had dropped him by the vet's office this morning because his breathing was so labored.

Unfortunately, he was so weakened that he didn't respond well to treatment. At least he wasn't alone ... and the family was spared from coming in from working and finding Brownie.

I know he's not hurting anymore ... no arthritis, no tummy problems; he has joined our other pets other the Rainbow Bridge and awaits us when the good Lord decides to call us home too.