Monday, June 25, 2007

Montana Vacation

DH and I are vacationing again in Montana but took some time to explore around Yellowstone National Park. I was there last in 1968 with my parents and siblings.

We are now in Thompson Falls (southwestern Montana) about halfway between Missoula, MT and Coer d' Alaine, ID. Had a wonderful weekend with Bobbie Demmer with lessons from Gary and Randy Houtz (aka The Shuttle Brothers) of Colorado and Irene Morgan of Oklahoma. Great to see Heidi and Katrina from California again as well as Gwen, Patty, Diane, Donna and Tess. Planning to spend more time in the area until we fly home on the 3rd of July. DH is having a super time playing with all the big trout in the Thompson Falls river.

Doing quite a bit of tatting buy don't have any scans yet to add to my blog. Will try to get some digital pix soon.

Preparation well under way for Palmetto Tatters 2007 Tat Days, theme Flower Garden in September (see and knowing Donna and Jeff, registration will be up and ready before DH and I get home!

Happy Tatting !! more later ...