Thursday, October 9, 2008

Another update on SB1

I've also received orders for the small handouts from the following:

Marty from Salt Lake City, UT
Donna from Garnett, KS

Thanks, ladies.

Also had a new update on Gary on one of my other addies and I don't think he will mind if I share. Considering everything I think it's positively MARVELOUS!!

"Hello All,
I tied my shoes today!!!!!!!!

Getting a little tatting done but not much. Just working on some bookmarks ... one of my favorite patterns. I am using a lot of my vintage Star threads with newer DMC Tatting Cotton. By winding each thread TOGETHER onto my shuttle, I can create some very interesting colorways. I'll try to get a picture later to show what the way a single, colorway of lavender, white and lime can look when combined with a solid color thread of white, lavender, kelly or black. They are very interesting!!

As October is breast cancer awareness month, I'm currently tatting a bookmark in two shades of pink, pastel and hot. Once I get it finished, I try to post that picture as well. DS#1 is coming home this weekend ... maybe he'll remember his digital camera since it is so much better than mine.

Take care and happy Tatting!!