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May 2007 Challenge - Daisy Mat

Wow, has it been nearly a whole month since I posted? I've been working on several things ... including a couple more of the tatted pieces for the TAT Master's program. I'll post pictures after everything is done and has been evaluated --just hope I won't have to re-tat much. I've finally gotten a 3D bee that looks presentable but I've got a half dozen (in various stages) that didn't suit what I wanted to accomplish. I decided for a bit of a change to work on the May Challenge from eTatters (soon to be eCraftWorld) at I decided to call this a Daisy mat for want of a better name. All the daisy flowers consist of 8 rings (both true rings and split rings) and the buds are all split rings. The far left of the picture is part of my progress (instructions later!). This is worked frontside/backside with all split rings on the front side and split ring joins accomplished using the technique on the right side of the pict…