Gary's Fund Raiser - How to Order

I promised I'd work out the details. After Palmetto Tatter's Tat Days, I'll be ready to print these on an as requested basis (for those of you who haven't already contacted me). While I would prefer a check or money order, I will take PayPal if you are willing to add the minimal cost of the PayPal service to the funds. For a personal check, email me as tattingteresa at gmail dot com, and I'll send you my mailing address.

For example, if you wish to purchase 5 packages at the suggested minimum of $3.00US each, the amount to send via PayPal is $15.74US. PLEASE NOTE THAT THESE QUOTES DO NOT INCLUDE POSTAGE, I'll need to quote you at the time of your order. The PayPal fee is 2.9% of the price + $.30. I can then make up any shortfall to ensure that the full $15.00 will be forwarded to the credit union for Gary's account.


Anonymous said…
I would like to order 10 packs and pay $60 by paypall to cover the cost of postage. Any over would be a donation.
I am in the UK
My email is
Can you give me an email for the payment
Rosemarie Peel
Heart of England Tatters

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