New Year

I hope to post more often on my blog. We've really enjoyed our new puppy and he has really grown. He is very personable and loves to play and sleeps well most of the night. He uses DH & DS#2 as big chew toys but that is partly their fault. This picture was taken by DS#2 on his UNC blanket. BJ (the pup's name) is really kinda a ham. He will stop and 'pose' for his closeup when we call his name.

I'm walking around in an ortho boot because of a Jones fracture on the left outside metataursal. I slightly rolled my foot in mid-December but didn't see the doctor until last Monday. Have completed more than 1/2 of the last round in the Mystery Medallion that Gina Brummett posted but haven't yet started on Jane's tat-along.

I also need to send a note to Sharon Briggs to get into the 25 Medallion challenge. I do have several that could be counted that I've completed within the last month ... just don't remember what Sharon's exact guidelines are so I'll go back and review.


BJ said…
I hope your foot is getting better -
But this is about BJ (love the name) Years ago, when I was breeding and showing my dogs in the Northwest; I had a darlin' black and tan doxie that we named, "Lori's Lee." He was a real pistol. Our friends raised and showed all three coats and both sizes of doxies at Tinas Coma Kennels, Mt. Vernon, WN
Anyway, a really cute puppy. We had a standard wirehair bitch named Liesel
that belonged to my daughter Kristen. Leisel was a real protector for Kris.
All things considered, I like a dog who is a ham; especially in the ring.
Enjoy your little boy.

Beverly (BJ)
Formerly, Indian River Kennel (Basenji; Daschund Stud)

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