Tat It and See

Here is my first rendition of Jane E's wonderful hippo pattern! I've named her FLORA since she's dressed in her best to find the best waterhole! I hope to do a friend for her, dressed all in a brown suit tomorrow.

I loved doing this and hope Jane ... possibly others as well ... will do more. ?????-a-Longs are always a lot of fun regardless of the craft involved. Thank you, Jane. See the link to the Tat It and See under "Some of My Favorite Links."


BJ said…
Teresa! Love the colors; psychedelic! You did a really good job of it -
Ironic, I did mine in vintage thread, Ecru; but, plan on a colorful mate. Probably Yarnplayer's Pizzazz!
I'm a beginning tatter, but bravely hanging in there!
Tat on!

BJ in New Mexico
and of course I love the doxie's name - BJ LOL

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