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The last week, especially since the 10th, has been very eventful. The orders for Gary's Fundraiser have come it at atonishing rate. I have to print more B-U-T I've have a challenge to overcome. Currently I have orders for 55 sets of which 48 more sets have to be generated.
The challenge has been that I had a major breakdown of our home network last week. When I got home Wednesday, our DSL modem was off-line (a doorknob would have been more useful!) which meant waiting until a new one arrived on Friday. When hooking up the new modem on Friday, I discovered that whatever had gotten the modem ALSO got my network card in the computer itself. So off to the PC doctor, but still no connectivity after an hour with "customer service" from my provider.
DH was driving in from Lufkin, TX because good(?) ole Ike had closed the Houston airports. He arrived about 1:40 AM Saturday after being on the road for 14.5 hours. Up early on Saturday and then back to the PC Doctor, tower and DSL modem working okay in the shop. Back to the house, put everything back together and finally got some connectivity around 5:30 PM. Then on the phone with the router manufacturer, then back to my ISP to bridge connections, then back to the router/print server manufacturer to get the rest of the connections operational.
Had planned for a lazy day on Sunday but DH decided to put together the computer armoire he had me purchase in January. The two boxes had been taking up space all this time and he decides he'd had enough. Eight hours later, the armoire is together and we start moving the network. Three hours after that, the network is up and completely operational. Furniture rearranged and even the floor swept (although my poor vacuum needs to visit the shop too). Into bed but the night certainly wasn't long enough.
Hope to get all the printing done tonight then tomorrow night start on making the filament loops for the fundraiser. Wednesday I'll complete the binders and then Thursday, I hope to be able to start mailing packages.


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