Greetings from Montana

It's really hard to believe that this is my last half day at Bobbie Demmer's. We have had so much fun since I arrived last Thursday. Yesterday afternoon was the traditional trek to Little Bear's in Thompson Falls for ice cream. I had the Pecan Pie which is hand pressed ice cream (mmmmm!) with chocolate, pecans and Butterfinger candy mixed together. It is nearly decadent.

The weather has been delightful as well. In fact as I write, I'm sitting in the classroom with a long-sleeve denim shirt over my blouse but it nice. We've already had so much hot weather at home. I'll be swinging over to Mead, WA later today to see a girlhood friend I haven't seen in about 40 years so I'm really excited to see her and meet her family tomorrow.

I fly home on Wednesday and it is an all day affair. While I've enjoyed the trip, I'll still be ready to get home to give DH a break from puppy sitting. Pictures from the trip will follow and a picture of the shirt we all decorated for Shuttle Brother #1. We certainly missed his presence but was glad that Shuttle Brother #2 was here to give us an update. We also spoke with Gary during the weekend. He has a long recovery ahead but is filled with good spirits and tremendous determination.

Happy tatting everyone!


Patti said…
Hi Teresa,
So when are you going to show us the picture of Gary's shirt? I want to see how much more was added after I left.

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