Catching Up!!

When things were a bit quiet last weekend, I did the TIAS that Diane Saunders had posted quite a while ago. I know that I'll never see a tulip with all these colors but I'm please with the way it turned out.

The flower is 2 strands, both size 80. One is a pink and the other is one of my favorite pastel variegated threads ... there is pink, lavendar, yellow, green and baby blue. It's a totally different look but I use a lot of "dual" threads to tat bookmarks. It's especially useful to use two-as-one if one of the threads is from my vintage thread and could be slightly weakened from dry rot. Of course, there are some of my vintage threads, really dark and intense colors, that I've just had to toss.

The stem is Olympus 50 but I do a little extra for the split rings. Because I really wanted a "sturdy" look and feel, the split rings are variations from Diane's original although the stitch count is the same. Here is the scheme:

R 1 sp 7 + (base of tulip) 7 sp 1
SR 1 + 6 sp 1 /1 + (previous ring) 6 sp 1 **
repeat this ring 5 more times; 7 rings total at this point.
R 1 + 14 + 1

The last join is a bit tricky because it is essentially a first to last but it can be easily accomplished with a bit of practice.


TattingChic said…
So, It's a "hybrid" of some sort...LOL. The colors are still very nice.

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