TIAS - Day 8

Here's my finish on Day 8 ... looking pretty good. Still have no idea what we are tatting. It will be hard to wait to see how Jane will introduce the third color!! I have a feeling it will be very creative and once we see the final instructions, we're all going to say DUH!


Tattycat said…
I like the colors. All ready for Halloween!
TeresaW said…
The colors really aren't good in the photo but it does appear to be black and orange. The darker thread is actually a royal blue and the beads are an irridescent primarily picking up gray, blue, violet and a pearlescent. I just need to get me a better camera I think.

I do appreciate your comments though. Happy Tatting!!
TattingChic said…
It's looking good...I was just about ready to quote Tattycat when I noticed your comment about the colors...oh, too bad we can't pick up on the true beauty of your lovely tatting. Your stitching is very nice and even.

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