TIAS - Day 7

Well, finally finished through Day 7 although I actually had to completely re-tat the whole thing ... again. Had a bad day at the office, just filled to the brim with frustrations and had my normal efficiency drop to about 25%.
At least DH got dinner tonight but it was reminiscent of how bad the entire last 24 hours has been. My salmon was nearly burnt ... just remind me not to get the grilled salmon from Applebee's anymore. While waiting for hubby to return with our food, I thought I would get out my shuttles and finish Day 7. That's what I get for doing my own thinking. While closing the last ring, I broke the thread and rather than just adding in a last ring, I cut away from the button, recycled the beads and did it again.
The best part of this was I took the time to work on Jane's JR method. I'm getting excess twist in the process but I understand the method ... just need to practice.


I'm so sorry to read that your thread broke. I know how frustrating that can be. Your tatting looks beautiful so far!
Jane Eborall said…
Ooooh, hate bad days like that when everything goes wrong. Hope today'll be megga better.
TattingChic said…
Sounds like a frustrating day, through and through, right down to the tatting. I so don't like it when my thread does that...aarrggghhh! It's looking good, though and I'm glad you got it fixed. I can't wait to see what the TIAS is.

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