TIAS - Day 10

Here is Day 10. I did make one change. The beads that are effectively the eyes I did make a change. I found some slightly larger rocaille-type beads while the beads in the skirt are size 11 irridescent seed beads.
If I didn't have to work tomorrow, I'd just stay up until the Day 11 instructions were posted. I do have a design variation on her left arm ... I think she's had her spinach because the last split ring before the hand has too many stitches. I didn't catch it until I was hiding the ends using the magic thread and just decided I'd have her related to Popeye.


TeresaW said…
We'll just have to wait to see what I do with her hair tonight or tomorrow ... course, I could just leave her bald since I'm rapidly going that way myself!!
TattingChic said…
She's not bald! Those are pincurls....LOL!

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