Meet Esmeralda - TIAS Day 11

Well, she's finally decided to have her hair all curled and if the picture were clearer, you could see pearls entwined at the scalp line in eight places to match the pearls at her throat. She's ready for a night on the town ... or wherever else she might want to go.

The curls are made by using slightly fussy method that I first saw in one of Elgiva Nicholls' book in my personal library. I then was reintroduced to it a couple of years while in class with the Shuttle Brothers. They use this method to create "ruffled" picots which adds more of a three dimensional effect. The method is accomplished by a combination of set stitches and 2 sized picots.

If you want to play with this method, try a ruffled wing butterfly. d=1st half of a double stitch and s=2nd half of a double stitch; p is a medium-sized picot and lp is a large-sized picot; + is a join.

Upper right wing:
12ds (lp dd p ss)x4 lp 3ds sp 6ds [Note: there will be 5 longer picots which will layer to the "bottom" while the 4 other picots will layer to the "top" of the wing.]

Lower right wing:
6ds + 6ds p 1ds lp 1ds p 4ds sp 2ds

Lower left wing:
2ds + 4ds p 1ds lp 1ds p 6ds sp 6ds

Upper left wing:
6ds sp 3ds (lp dd p ss)x4 lp 12ds

Tie the thread ends together for the antennae. Optional: tie an overhand knot near the end of each antennae.


TattingChic said…
Esme is so cute...can I call her Esme? Short for Esmerelda....had a friend once named Esme...such a cute name. Her curly hair is cute, too.
Esmerelda is adorable! I love the curls!

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