TIAS - Day 6

I really did complete the Day 6 work on Friday evening after getting from the office. I've just this moment however gotten a chance to take a digital picture and post.
I posted to my blog even before sending to Jane ... bad, Teresa. Well, it's in the post to Jane now.


TattingChic said…
Still have no idea what it is, but yours is looking like everyone else's, nice.
great stuff - really cool - traci, tatter from ohio here.
Qestion - have you heard about a pattern called a "hug" - possiblyceltic. Been looking, thot it would be cool to put in cards. If you can help i would appreciate it.
TeresaW said…
There are two distinct experts to query on different patterns that might be available. Check out Ruth Perry's blog or Jane Eborall's Pattern pages. I have links to both their sites. Ruth also owns the Celtic Tatting group list on Yahoo!

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