Newest TIAS

It certainly took me longer than usual to select my threads and the accompanying beads. the first day's tatting (hope it's not too far off the mark). I've also included The royal blue is Hakelgarn and the complimentary color (orange) is a Flora as is the "natural" I chose, a medium to light value gray. The beads are some hanks that I had gotten YEARS ago on a trip to the Cary-Raleigh, NC area when my boys were playing a tournament, probably a State Cup in that area. The beads simply scrumptious although I don't know the original brandname. They pick up and reflect so much of the light and reflect the thread colors but the beads do not appear to be irridescent.

The orange plain Clover is currently loaded with the six beads and the royal blue Hakelgarn. The orange Flora is loaded onto a beautifully decorated Clover shuttle. Hope Bates from Palmetto Tatters had a number of these at our Tat Days last September and I believe she is planning more for this coming September. The shuttle in the foreground is one made by Richard Seitz (yes, Georgia's DH). This one is made from laminate used for countertops and is a really lovely shuttle. I have several more pieces of laminate to send him that I picked up 2 years ago and had put them into a safe place. So safe that it only took two years and a little spring cleaning (good grief, but I need to do more) to find them. They'll go out in the post later this week.


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