PTG Lesson - Betty Magill's Heart of Gold Earrings

While I'm still working on Sue's charm bracelet (with fat wrists, I needed to make some more charms), I did finish a pair of earrings from our lesson the 17th at our Guild meeting. The prime purpose of the lesson was to share Sue Hanson's dimpled ring method. This method uses true dimples but the manner of working and closing them makes it very easy. Jane Eborall has posted the technique at The primary difference appears to pay omage to Gary and Randy Houtz (The Shuttle Brothers) use of self-closing mock rings.

The pattern is a variation of Kim Millar's Basic Earring pattern that she posted to the web in 2000 (URL: I love this pattern and the variations are practically unlimited ... of course, imaginative people use it unlimted, I need help. The change that Ms. Betty asked us to incorporate was on the center ring (where the jewelry findings are attached). We used a dimpled ring without any beads on it.

I used kidney wires for my jewelry findings as that is my personal preference. The thread is Flora 20 in a light to medium value grey and the beads are from some that I picked up YEARS and YEARS ago at the Hook, Shuttle and Needle shop in Cary, NC. If I remember correctly, one or the other of our sons was playing in a soccer (football to the rest of the world) tournament in the Raleigh area. I say the shop, an old house converted to a reatail shop, and the name intrigued me. I did a quick U-turn and spent a couple of hours exploring. I picked up 5 hanks of beads, the ones used here, some milky-white, translucent beads and some really sparkly, royal/emeral/purple beads.


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