Hector Bracelet Plus

Well, even charging the batteries on my camera didn't help much. Since it is only a 3.2 megapixels, I think that the problem. At any rate, I finally finished the bracelet I started the 3rd of May. Yorkie Sue was still in the U.S. and we had so much fun.

It's difficult to see but the charms (starting at 1 o'clock and proceeding clockwise) are:
  • Ruth Perry's Little Heart
  • Sue Hanson's Ankh
  • Sue Hanson's Lucky Horseshoe
  • Lori Dunlap's Hat (tat off pattern from Palmetto Tatters Tat Days in 2005 Fan-TAT-istic)
  • Sue Hanson's Blue Moon (mine is terrible; doesn't do Sue's pattern justcie)
  • Sue Hanson's Button Sun
  • my block tatted fan - no pattern; just an experiment
  • Sue Hanson's Lucky 4 Leaf Clover
  • Sue Hanson's Mini Star
  • one of my beaded butterflies
  • Sue Hanson's Celtic Triangle (I LOVE this pattern)


BJ said…
What a great idea! I really regret having to miss Sue's classes while she was in US. I'd love to do this bracelet -
Perhaps we can 'talk' her into sharing later on . . .
lovely tatting!

Linda S Davies said…
This is a brilliant idea! I feel a new project coming on! LOL

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