Mystery Medallion #1

After doing this one three times, I finally have one that I am happy to post. Of course, the other two versions weren't bad either ... they just fell into puppy antics or rather the curiousity of our new puppy, BJ, who chewed the knots in several places.

I did make one major change in doing the first portion of the medallion. The initial instructions had the first ring being made of 12 double stitches, a LONG picot, 12 double stitches, then the remaining 7 rings being made as 12 ds, + (into the long picot of the first ring), 12 ds. I opted to have the rings being 10 - 4 - 10 for the first ring, 6 rings of 10 + 4 - 10 and last ring of 10 + 4 + 10. I really like this look. The medallion still needs to be blocked but I'm happy with the overall effect and plan to make a larger mat using these medallions and some GORGEOUS vintage, ecru DMC cordonnet, size 30.


TattingChic said…
I'm TattingChic I always enjoy browsing at other tatters' blogs and websites. I happened upon your website when I googled the book title "Tatting Over a Cabone Ring: A Different Look for an Old Art". A post by you on this blog came up from Monday, February 26,2007 entited "Cabone ornaments" I would have posted a comment there, but it wouldn't let me. So, here I am on this post. I want to know if you would be kind enough to tell me where can I get that book? I have a package of cabone rings and I haven't had the patience yet to sit down and make myself figure it out. If you know where I could purchase that book I would be very grateful. Google just gave me a couple of blog posts. Thank you :)
TeresaW said…
This is a book by Sadie Allison in Lufkin, TX. Drop her a note @ POBox 591, Zip cod: 75902. I also have an e-mail for her, jsallison at inu dot net. Replace the at and dot with the appropriate symbols and delete the spaces.

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