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This past weekend, I was trying to "organize" some of my stuff. While going through several patterns I've received during several visits to CWT, I re-discovered the 1999 Hedgehog pattern by Randy Houtz. This pattern using a tatted bauble methodology to create a 3-D hedgehog. I've photographed it with a SewMate shuttle for scale. The finished size (tatted in Lizbeth 20, color 692) is 1 1/2" long and stands 1" tall. I think he's really cute, what do you think? The picture's not all that clear (I'm still playing with new camera so the focus isn't as clear as I'd like).
If you would like to try a bauble, Bobbie has worked with Jane Eborall to post the technique to Jane's website at


H J said…
He is truly adorable!
Isdihara said…
An odd chill just shot up my spine. Earlier today I couldn't get the idea of tatted hedgehogs out of my mind. I was sure I had seen them, but couldn't remember where.

Perhaps we are working on the same tatting blogger wavelength? :-)

Your hedgie is so cute!
Jane Eborall said…
I'm going to BRAG here. Unashamedly!!! Gary gave me one of his hedgehogs that he'd made himself. I'm SO proud of it.
❦TattingChic said…
Hi Teresa,
I am looking for the book "Tatting Down the Garden Path" by Toni Storer
Do you know anywhere that I might still be able to purchase this book?
Someone said you might happen to know. I also left you a PM about this same thing on InTatters so you can either comment on my blog or PM me back on InTatters

Happy New Year!!!
Thanks for your time,

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