Monday, June 21, 2010

It's out West I go!

It's been quite a well since I posted but I've been asked to keep my guild members posted on my current travels. We had a very good Guild meeting on Saturday the 19th at the Lexington County Museum. What a great place to meet. Although we have to bring in a number of Ott or other day-light type lamps, the atmosphere is really great. The staff always sets up the tables for us. After we left from eating supper together, I drive as far as Hendersonville, NC where I stayed Saturday night.

Yesterday morning I hit the road about 7:30 AM and drove to Peoria, IL. Had a good rest but have woken up to a thunderstorm. Looks like my drive today will be in and out of thunderstorms so I may not get as far as yesterday. It's very tiring to drive through heavy rain and varying wind speeds. Will also need to keep a weather-eye out for potential severe thunderstorms. Will post more when I stop tonight as I need to get onto the road.

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