January 2009 update

I always have the best of intentions ... but sometimes the follow through is a bit sketchy. A few more of the fundraiser sets have gone out. Last month, I attended a craft fair with one of our Guild's members. I made 18 pairs of beaded earrings and several dozen angels of which we sold about half of each. We also sold a number of other items that had been made by our guild members so every little bit helps.

In addition to preparing lesson plans for the Guild, I've been test tatting some patterns for a designer who lives in the Western US. Hopefully, her next book will be ready and available soon. The patterns are variations on a theme and the concept is a bit different from anything else I've encountered.

We had a quiet holiday season, with DS#1 spending several days at Christmas. He gave me Jon Yusoff's "Tatted Snowflake Collection" for a gift. I really hope to get to some tatted soon. DH mentioned when we were taking down our Christmas tree that he thought it would be nice to have it decorated something with just tatted items. Snowflakes, Hearts, Angels etc. I think he would also like the tatted "garland" that Dianna Stevenson did some time ago. Don't know if she got her domain back but I think I can find the instructions somewhere in all the printed stuff I've never organized but have printed off the Internet.

DH is scheduled for eye surgery in early February ... cataract removal, replacement lens and corneal transplant on the right eye. Recovery from surgery is expected to take a bit of time and DH has never been known for his patience. Well, better get back to doing something.

Wish all of you a prosperous 2009!


Jane Eborall said…
DO hope DH gets on OK with his surgery. Tell him an old git in the UK will be thinking about him.

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