Update on Gary - SB1 and the NEW BOOK!

I just spoke with Randy (SB2) and got an update on Gary. Randy says that Gary retired both the walker and wheel chair just before Christmas. Gary is using the walking stick that Randy carved him to get around ... well, unless the snow is too deep and then it's time for the crutches. He's working as best he can and still doing rehab. Gary is expecting to have more surgery and will wind up meeting with his doctors probably in May to continue moving forward on his rehab. He's still not driving yet but his spirit and determination are unflappable!

I'm sending a check to Randy tomorrow for their new book. I was privileged to see one of the final drafts last summer while at Bobbie Demmer's. It is a wonderful addition to their first book. Randy says that he hopes that the third book, currently in the works, won't take so long to put it together.

Speaking of new books ... I usually buy my own Christmas and birthday presents because DH says, "I don't know what to get you but I know you want some more tatting ' stuff ' so have at it. DS#1 and his girlfriend gave me Jon Yusoff's "Tatted Snowflake Collection" for Christmas and then an original "Priscilla #1" book for my birthday last week. The Priscilla book is more than 100 years old and WILL not go onto my bookshelf but will have a more protected place to reside. It will stay in the armoire where I keep the books I refer to most often.

I also purchased a really first-class reproduction of "eThe ART of Tatting and Netting" originally published by The Butterick Publishing Co. I have seen bits and pieces of this book reproduced through the years but never the entire collection in a single binding and the quality is excellent. Kudoes to Iva Rose Vintage Reproductions!


Jane Eborall said…
You'll LOVE the new GR8 book. I've made several pieces from it already. I did a 'report' on it t'other day on my blog. Can't WAIT for the next one but suppose I'll have to!!! I might take to nagging them in the summer!!!
TattingChic said…
I like Iva ROse Vintage Reproductions, too! I'll have to check it out. I'd heard about the new book from Jane! NOw I need to order both SCMR books from the shuttle brothers, LOL! LIKE I NEED ANOTHER TATTING BOOK, LOL! Oh, and then there's the Flowers of Lace fundraiser book, too! LOL!

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