TAT - Intarsia Star

I have learned (through the Tat Across Time Tatting Proficiency program) many new techniques and appreciate all the hours that must have gone into designing the program, creating the phase manuals, and producing samples/diagrams. There are many talented designers who graciously gave permission to the TAT group to use their designs and techniques.

I have learned that my biggest challenge in my tatting is to complete the project. It wasn't until I did this program that I realized there are many items that really need to be blocked. Once the tatting is complete blocking really shows effectively all the time, effort and love of our lace that we all invest in our craft. This is especially true if you are creating a piece that could become a family heirloom.

One piece uses a technique termed as "Intarsia." In the TAT glossary: "series of even or uneven split rings with two colors incorporated to create a design, often with 2 core threads." I know the term is sometimes used in knitting but my knitting is so simplistic, it's never been anything I've encountered.

In this case on the split ring rows that are the first and last of the piece are the only ones which are not padded. This design from Nan Alsbrooks of Texas is really more of a challenge in following the directions to obtain the look ... in my case, an orange, five-pointed star on a field of blue. The second row of the design introduces the thread color for the star and the rings become padded as a second core thread has been introduced.

Another challenge of this technique is to remember to NOT to flip the stitch on some of the rings with the secondary color is used ... has to be direct tatted or the guess what ... the ring WON'T close.

I really enjoyed the technique though it is a bit fussy at times. As a native of the great state of Texas, I have considered tatting a Lone Star Flag using this technique ... just haven't gotten a 'roun-tuit.'


TattingChic said…
Very cool! Thanks for sharing this. The T.A.T. program is looking more appealing.
Gina said…
Interesting technique! Are you in the Master's phase? You prompt me to get back to mine. It's half done - I just can't seem to take the time to focus on that alone.
TeresaW said…
Finally completed my Master's tatting pieces and blocked some of them. Left it with TAT Co-ordinator (Bobbie Demmer) last June. Got my Master's bar in October.

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