Tatting Treats

When I got home from the office tonight, I had some pleasant treats.

First, the 2nd book from the Shuttle Brothers has finally arrived. Aptly named, Tatting the Self-closing Mock Ring for GR-8 Design, it is truly inspirational. I think Gary and Randy have done their usual excellent process of taking the individual tatter beyond where he/she thinks they can go. Having been in classes that they've taught and sat with them during other classes, their minds are always racing ahead.

While the book is black and white, all the diagrams are excellent. There are pattern diagrams as well as drawings of hand positions. The photographs of the tatted models are extremely well done. It is the perfect companion book to their 1999 book entitled, Tatting the GR-8 Self-closing Mock Ring. The three-page discussion of Front side / Backside Tatting is probably the clearest explanation I have ever seen in writing and they included a number of drawings illustrating the discussion (you know, the old "a picture is worth a 1000 words" kind of thing).

Secondly, I received that shuttle I had won on some of the Ebay auctions. This one is from Dublin, Ireland. The wood is described as "Bocote" and is a beautiful shuttle. The pictures on the item (see 330302222643) do not do this work of art justice. I'm very pleased with the shuttle as I like smaller shuttles (length-wise) but I think it will hold a lot of thread because of the design.

Last week I also received the ceramic shuttle I ordered from LadyShuttleMaker. It is very nice as well; I can't believe how light it is. Thanks, Sherry!


I haven't ordered the Shuttle Brothers books yet, probably because I haven't made use of the first one that I've had for several years!

I also won one of those shuttles from Ireland! It's very nice to tat with, and it does hold a lot of thread.

I hope you enjoy tatting with Sherry's shuttle. I feel very special when I'm tatting with one of her works of art... just don't drop it!
TeresaW said…
Thanks for the suggestion about Sherry's shuttle. It makes sense that it would probably shatter if dropped onto a hard surface.

I have S....O.... many books to study and lots of thread--just never enough time. ROFLMAO
TattingChic said…
Your new books sound fabulous! I've been wanting to get their books just to see...oh, silly me. I have more tatting books than I shall tat through in a lifetime, LOL! I hope you post pics of Sherry's shuttle! Like Tattycat said they are a work of art! I'd love to see the "bocote" one, too! Sounds intriguing! :)
TattingChic said…
Hi Teresa! I just back back over to say:
Hope you stop on by for my 1st Blogoversary/100th post celebration! I'm even having a giveaway! Do come on over! Everyone is invited!!! :)

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