Items from 2010 PTG TatDays

I wasn't happy with the Garnets & Grapes pendant after I had redone the earrings so I re-tatted the pendant and mounted it to small pin-back. Final steaming is yet to occur but I'm better pleased with these results.

I've ordered more garnet rounds with one of my sisters in mind since her birthday is also in January. Nina's designs are so lovely and appear to be really difficult but they are quite easy once you study the unique terminology she uses for some of the component descriptions.

I've also completed over the past week the Half Ring Braid Bracelet kit from Martha Ess. It was fun to work this piece of jewelery as well. I ran out of thread in Martha's kit to complete a pair of Patti Duff's easy earrings and sent Martha an SOS very late one evening. She was still up and answered me very quickly. I checked my thread inventory and l had that manufacturer color and size in my stash. Then I had to check some of my extraneous beads because I was 20 short (ten for each earring) for the pattern I wanted to use (didn't want to make a design change at this point). I found some very similarly finished beads in my miscellaneous bottle of beads but I managed to get this set completed.


Jane Eborall said…
Very pretty. Love the half ring bracelet and can't wait to try it.
Karrieann said…
This is pretty...okay it is gorgeous!
The half rings are fun to do! I am happy that I "can" do them!
TeresaW said…
Karrieann, half rings are really easy to do IF there is a bead or two at the base of the ring. I have a devil of time keeping them even with that spacer (ala Mark Myers).

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