Nina's Garnets & Grapes

I worked on the Pendant from Nina Libin's Garnets & Grapes pattern this week as I was able. It hasn't been steamed yet to really complete the piece. I will also need to determine whether I will wear it as a brooch or as a pendant from a chain around my neck. The picture was not taken with my better camera but it will be a pretty piece when I finish it. I also need to re-tat the accompanying earrings ... maybe over the long weekend.


Karrieann said…
So far it looks lovely, Teresa!

I am ignoring my kit for Nina's Indian Summer, waiting to build up courage to tackle it. I am also waiting for a bit more less distractions!
TeresaW said…
I bought a full kit for the Golden Leaves but will need to wait a bit before starting. Need to get more feeling into my right hand. PT is working wonders but still have a bit of numbness in the right thumb, index and middle fingers. So ... I've started Martha's Half Braid Bracelet kit. We WILL NOT discuss the number of kits I've purchased during past TatDays and haven't begun. ROTFLMAO!

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