Monday, June 28, 2010

Last night in Montana

Tonight is my last night in Montana for 2010. I've stopped in Livingston, MT which is at the intersection of I-90 and US-89. If I were to continue south on US-89 instead of going east on I-90, I would go into Yellowstone National Park (the NE entrance just past Gardiner, MT).
This picture is taken from the hotel parking lot looking southward toward Yellowstone which I believe is beyond this mountain range.

I really had a great time at Camp WannaTat again this year. It was really neat to see everyone I hadn't seen in at least a year's time. Shuttle Brother #1 had a hip replacement in February and is getting around wonderfully well. He and Shuttle Brother#2 brought #1's daughter-in-law with them. She is a wonderful young lady and does beautiful tatting as well.
I did finish three of the four projects presented by the teachers. Irene from Yukon, OK presented a pearl-tatted bracelet (Picture to the left). The Shuttle Brothers presented a scissor protector (shown below on the right) that uses the bauble-tatting concept and starts with a ring and is tatted to fit a piece of tubing. I purchased a number of charms and was given a bunch of tubing. I plan to make a number of these and will probably donate for Palmetto Tatters (door prizes anyone ... not the scissors though LOL) TatDays 2010 which is fast approaching. The ones that will be used for door prizes will have charms, beads and other embellishments added.

Karen from Snohomish, WA presented an earring pattern that I need to look at the actual construction bit closer when I return home. I know the concept but wasn't happy with my results so it went into the tin for a later do over.

Deb with DS9Designs presented a Patti Duff earring pattern that is really quick and easy but looks so much more difficult. Lots of possibilities for the individual to play with different styles of beads. I didn't keep the pair I completed but donated to the Guild in Thompson Falls for their sale later in the fall. Didn't even get a picture but they are so quick and easy ... I'll probably add several different thread colors/bead combinations into my personnel tatted jewelry.

My drive tomorrow will take me out of the Montana, Wyoming and South Dakota mountains and onto the rolling prairie land of southern South Dakota ... all on I-90 East. Tata for now.


Tatskool said...

Jealous jealous,jealous! Sounds like you had a great time. Thanks for telling about it.

agasunset said...

Oh I'm jealous too, meeting all great tatters and share the lace world hands on.....fantastic!