A Little Breathing Room

Back at home for a few weeks. Spent a long weekend in July in Amarillo, TX at a niece's wedding. It was a great party and the bride was absolutely lovely. A wonderful time was had by all.

Quick move at the office while they finish painting and installing the new carpeting in my area. TatDays 2010 is fast approaching. New venue this year is at the Baptist Convention Center at Toccoa, GA (which is just across the South Carolina/Georgia border north of I-85). Registration is still open if you can attend but haven't registered TatDays 2010 Registraton. I'm planning to take one of Nina's classes and am really looking for to that ... 'course, that's only if DH will handle the oversight in vending during class time. I'm sure he will; I'll just need to be sure we both know everything we're supposed to do! LOL


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