Another Week Gone

PTG 2010 TatDays - "Fall Into Tatting" is fast approaching. I did an inventory of my thread before going to Montana in June and decided that I needed to get some tatting done before I buy anymore. I'm sure though that The Lacemaker (our key vendor again this year) will have plenty of items to tempt me. On-line registration closes Wednesday, August 11 PTG 2010 TatDays Registration. Closing registration gives the Guild the best opportunity to have everyone's registration packet complete. The registration packet includes each individual registrant's class schedule and the class notes for those classes. The schedule this year includes blocks of time that each registrant can use to catch their breath and clear their mind for the next class ... or go shopping in the vending room, or catchup with tatting friends they haven't seen since last TatDays attended.

The highlight of the year (well actually several) will culminate in a drawing to receive a Crazy Quilt. This effort was been "ram-rodded" by AKTATTER (alias Georgia Seitz) and is open to all. Tickets are $5.00 each and all proceeds benefit the Palmetto Tatters Guild Scholarship Funds. Additional information about the project and tickets can be found here: Crazy Quilt.

Another week has gone by and I'm back in my new 'permanent' digs at the office. Still have to unpack the boxes that I had unpacked back in March when I moved from my previous cubicle to the new digs. I must say, it is really nice to have the new paint color on the walls. The color is a very relaxing, slightly greyed, robin's egg blue. The carpeting consists of 24" color squares in a charcoal grey. There are slightly patterning in the squares and they are laid at 90 degrees to one another. The creates a cross-hatching type appearance. I've considered using carpeting squares in one of spare bedrooms at home but that's just another upgrade we haven't gotten 'roundto.

Scissors protectors
I've been doing a little tatting although with a pinched nerve, I haven't tackled anything of significance because I can only tat about ten minutes at a time before I need to put down the project and ease the nerve. These little projects are really great for that. Thanks to Gary and Randy Houtz (the Shuttle Brothers) for the idea and for sharing. The tubing which scissors are inserted is in this case oxygen tubing and the technique used is Bauble Tatting by Bobbie Demmer. The technique is shown and discussed, with Bobbie's permission, on JaneE's site at Demmer Bauble Technique. There is also an additional information showing the two ways to do Bauble Tatting here: Bauble 2Ways. The scissors protectors start with a ring in which the stabilizing threads are incorporated into the core of the first ring. Each is unique and incorporates a charm at some point. the ends not shown have a largish ring that is used to attach the protector to scissors. I used Josephine chains, lock-stitch chains, single-shuttle splits rings (ala Matthew Takeda) between the bauble portion and the end ring, again each one different. They are fun and I'm looking forward to doing more.


Those scissor protectors are pretty cool! That's such a neat project and really handy.
Eliz (tatknot) said…
I love this idea and yours are just adorable! Do you work them and then insert the tubing or are you working around the tubing?
TeresaW said…
I find it easy to tat around the tubing after the initial ring and about 3/4 of the first chain.

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