Five Days and counting down

Getting all the final chores completed before loading out and heading to Toccoa on Thursday for Palmetto Tatters annual Tat Days. DH will be heading out before me on his motorcycle. He's already made the trip down there three times as he doesn't like riding the Interstates.

He knows the important landmarks for us. Distance and time to the nearest Walmart and the nearest hospital (which we certainly hope we don't need!). Driving time for me, according to Google maps is just under three hours so I'll head down I-85 around 9:00 AM to meet up with the lunch-bunch at the Cornerstone.

Looking forward to seeing everyone that I haven't seen since last year or before. I also look forward to meeting some of the folks who will have their first trip to our party this year!

I didn't get a real chance to look, but Hope and Lori have accumulated some really interesting items that went into the goody bags. Can't wait to get mine at registration and see EVERYTHING! Just hope I get a decent report from PT on Wednesday as the doctor's test last Friday didn't give me the results I was hoping to hear. Having a pinched nerve has really cut into my tatting time.


Eliz (tatknot) said…
Have fun! I look forward to your report.

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